The Braemar Walkers were formed on 11 January 2010 to encourage walking in and around Braemar. The walks aim to promote fitness through walking and social interaction with like minded people.
Activities: Plan and execute walks, look at new and existing routes and research and investigate old and ancient paths in the area.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Time passes like a shadow 2021

 Time goes by so quickly these days and since the pandemic life has become somewhat restricted and complicated. However, not to be beaten, I've managed to get out and walk  the very local hills. ..just without company; apart from my new canine companion who has replaced my old pal who sadly died at the end of 2019.  

New walking 

Red Deer Braemar
I must say, as we all do? I miss the company of like minded people and look forward to the day when we can get back together, as a group, to revisit some of the old paths and maybe find new ones.

We are lucky living in such a rural and isolated community which hasn't been affected as much as the larger villages and towns dotted along the more Eastern part of the River Dee. Let us hope that the vaccination program reaches us all, this year, and we can return to some kind of 'normality'...The hills are still here and will be, long after we are gone. To me, they always reflect our brief existence in the grand scheme of life on earth.

Approach Tom Anton


Sunday, 12 March 2017

Loch Callater Saturday 11 March

A social stroll down to the Loch, Lunch at the Bothy then return in time for the Calcutta Cup 
England 61-Scotland 21...We should have gone to Lochnegar instead.!
A good, short walk with great views.
Loch Callater from the Jubilee Cairn

The start

Jubilee Cairn
Bothy on the right
The Group

The dog never misses a trick

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Auchtavan Saturday 18 February 2017

The weather was on our side and it was madness not to take a quick stroll to the Historic site of Auchtavan and a lost way of life. The Cottage with the hanging lum is kept locked but the Horse Mill provided a scenic lunch stop. 
It was great to get out and have an easy walk with good company.
A pose in front of the Horse Mill
The approach to Auchtavan

Monday, 19 September 2016

Walking Update

Hi All,
A year has passed since my last entry...For those that don't know;I had an argument with a Pick-Up truck in November last year(the Pick-Up won!) and as a result have been unable to persue my passion for the hills and tracks of Mar.
However,I'm now on the mend and getting fitter by the day and it won't be long before the next walk,which will probably be  slightly less adventurous and definitely slower until full fitness returns. In the meantime,watch this space.
Loch Callater 9 October 2015

 A misty day on Carn an t-Sagairt Mor 9 October 2015

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